Brighter Vision Web Services will create and optimize your website for online searches at a very affordable fee. Let them know Rajani sent you!


The easiest and cheapest way to create a website is through WordPress. You can play with templates, designs and more, customizing it to your needs as your business grows.


You ready for an amazing SEO tool? Moz delivers and is the industry beloved to create and manage online business listings.


Make sure you follow the appropriate advertising guidelines applicable to your license in your state.

Do you get stuck trying to come up with blog posts? Here are two helpful and easy-to-use resources!

5 minute magic

Blogging can sometimes become one of those things we “should” do, but struggle with. As part of the 5 Minute Magic series, guest blogger Ellie Vargas, LCSW shows us 5 simple tips to generate blog ideas in 5 minutes or less.

Does the thought of developing or maintaining a professional website fill you with a sense of nameless (or not-so-nameless) dread? If “dread” is a little strong for you, maybe just a sense of “Ugh!” Or “Huh?” Although there are lots of opinions out there about what makes a good website, here are some tips to help anchor you as you get started (or keep going).

Francie Jones of Boldfrog Editorial has five easy-to-use tips so that your website will look and sound like you, and help you attract your ideal clients to your practice!

Want cool graphics and images for your site?

Remember to check if the image is available for free download or under a licensing agreement. Sometimes, images get posted on some sites unintentionally and you could still be liable, even if you didn’t know you needed to pay for use. Be smart, be savvy, stay aware and when in doubt, document, or pay to use!

Royalty Free Images for Your Website

Death to Stock Photo

You could have royalty free stock photos emailed to your inbox. No fuss, no muss. And if you need more, you can pay for a premium subscription for full access.

More free, fun, cool images to spice up your site, your marketing and more.

Inspite of it’s name Morguefile gives you free access to all the images you need for your website, presentations and more.

Free high quality images for your use. Now you have no excuse not to liven up your website, presentations and marketing materials.

DIY Creative Design & Graphics


Increase your social media engagement through graphics, images and more using STENCIL.


Give your site some oomph with amazingly simple graphics created on Canva.


Create and share visual ideas through infographics using


Create Social media posts, blog posts and quote cards, plus easily resize them using Pablo.


Free but high quality photo editing software that allows you to alter, fix and enhance your photos, including creating animated gifs.


Say goodbye to PowerPoint and say Hello to lively presentations with Prezi and a million possibilities for engaging your audience with what you have to convey.


If you need some cartoons to liven up your website, blog posts, presentations etc. Andertoons is the place to go. Make sure you pay for a subscription and download them legally!

Delegating Logo & Design Tasks

Ready to brand with a logo? Fiverr can get you a logo for as little as $5, and for a little (or a lot) more, you can get high res files to make it all your own.

Graphic design done for you, so you can focus on what you do best!

Logo Design

Logo Design by 99designs allows you to delegate this important task to folks who love it!