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Invest in the All Access Pass and you’ll receive WORTH. Sublime healing for your subconscious. Exclusive to the Money Medicine Summit, Gemma created this audio recording to help YOU rewire YOUR subconscious mind towards WORTHINESS.
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Discover Your Money Type. Are you excited to transform your financial reality? In this FREE one-hour session with behavioural money coach, Taunya Woods Richardson, you’ll discover your predominant Money Type(s) and how they show up for you in your personal and professional life. Money Types are powerful “teachers”, reflecting our limiting patterns and beliefs sabotaging our financial success. Let’s get started.
The Way of the Action TAKERS. A series of 6 video trainings to help you put all you have learned from the Money Medicine Summit into action so that you can shift your life even more. This FREE online training so that you can do just that. ($149 value)
Productivity Power Session. A ticket to Paula Onysko’s virtual 3-hour Productivity Power group session will help you get things done and feel amazing in the process. Remember money loves speed! Regularly priced at $97.
30 Minute Coaching Consult. Start your journey to financial freedom today. 30 Minute consultation and call with Jenn Widney.
Daily Log Book. A matrix tool designed to help you master your money through conscious and deliberate intention, action and reflection.

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