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Not all therapists have a background in business, and our graduate education is often lacking in the fundamentals of financial planning. Here are some of my favorite resources that can support you in building a successful practice. The first step is getting over our fear of money and numbers. There is plenty of help there, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

How to Set Fees
You don’t have to pick a number out of thin air – In this helpful 60 minute video, Kelly Higdon & Miranda Palmer of ZynnyMe walk you through the process of setting a reasonable fee. help you think through your mission, your vision, your lifestyle, your needs and wants, as well as your expenses as a practical guide to setting an appropriate fee.

Private Practice Income Blueprint Kit
Take charge of your income with this free Income Blueprint Kit from the MYOB Counselor website.

Pinpoint your exact financial needs, so you can make a sustainable living and feel abundantly nourished by your practice.

Sliding Scale and Missed Sessions!

Considerations for Sliding Scale

Ever wonder about the impact of reducing your fee? This simple one page downloadable pdf provides a simple checklist to aid you in thinking through sliding scale.

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Money & Paperwork

This blog from QAPrep is right on the money ~ it talks about the emotional impact of money in psychotherapy, especially for the therapist!

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Charging for Missed Sessions

Marty Cooper makes a case for why the cancellation policies of therapists are not merely logistic, or financial, in nature, but inextricably bound up in what makes therapy work.

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If You're Ready for a Business Plan, Help is at Hand!

Business Plan

You don’t have to do it alone! The U.S. Small Business Administration website will walk you through a step-by-step process to create your unique business plan. It’s free and easy to use.

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Free Business Advice

SCORE offers the nation’s largest, network of free, expert business mentors who can help you develop a practical action plan, market your business, increase your profits and achieve a work/life balance.

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Financial Therapy for Peace of Mind!

You Need A Budget

Many therapists have negative associations with the words “budget” and “business plan”. An easy-to-use budget can help you to feel more in control of your finances and help you become a successful business owner.

If you’d like to learn more about how YNAB can help you, contact Rajani to set up a consultation.

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The Eight Money Archetypes

Click here for the Money Type Quiz to find out your own money archetypes that will aid you in creating your own unique pathway to financial stability and success.

Click here to read more about the eight money types in money coaching, as developed by Deborah Price and the Money Coaching Institute

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Financial Counseling

The SF LGBT Center offers free financial classes on a variety of interesting and helpful topics. You can also contact them for FREE financial counseling services to help you set up your budget and get you on track with your savings goal!

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If you’re looking for tips on documentation or help with forms or templates, we have a whole slew of resources available.


Here are some powerful allies to help you navigate HIPAA as well as other technology and privacy issues related to therapy.


Want support with your insurance and billing needs? From books to web resources, we’ve compiled them in one easy to find place.


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