Creating a Meaningful Template for Your Private Practice:

I was interviewed by Maelisa Hall of on how I created a meaningful template for my private practice. And you can click here to download the template.

Here are a few select posts from the QAPrep blog:

Simplify Your Informed Consent

Informed consent is NOT a form… it’s a process and a conversation you have with your clients.
This post makes the process simpler and easier for both therapists and clients  She offers some fantastic tips to help you cut out the confusion.

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How to Organize a Client File

Many therapists struggle with the lack of direction given regarding client files. How do you organize a file for private practice? What needs to be in the file, other than notes? If you use paper files, by the end of this post you will know how to have a complete, organized client record.

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Get it for FREE!

One of the gaps in our graduate training tend to be in the area of documentation. But you don’t need to go back to school or pay thousands of dollars to remedy that! Here’s the link to the Free Private Practice Paperwork Crash Course. Yes, it’s FREE!
And you can also sign up for the THERAPIST’S PERFECT PAPERWORK PACKET – affordable and amazingly helpful!

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5 Steps to an Effective Treatment Plan

In this post, Maelisa Hall outlines five step-by-step principles you can use for treatment planning with any client in any setting. And then she offers you the ultimate tool- a template that puts this in action.
This post makes the process simpler and easier for both therapists and clients  She offers some fantastic tips to help you cut out the confusion.

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Supervising Clinical Documentation

Do you know how to teach your supervisees the art of writing their notes? Dr. Maelisa Hall shows you how to train supervisees, how to correct work when needed and how to integrate this teaching into your supervision so it enhances your clinical conversations.

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Documentation Advice for EVERY Therapist

We all run into some challenges with our notes from time to time. In this post, Dr. Maelisa Hall offers the most commonly given tips on note-writing. She is also available to provide one-on-one consultation to support you with your unique documentation needs.

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Give your notes some va-va-voom!

Click to download a terrific list of Therapy Interventions that you already use in therapy, but can now articulate in ways that give your documentation some va-va-voom! If you bill insurance, these will definitely save you a lot of time and impress them too!

Website Help!

Everything from free images to cartoons to DIY websites and SEO help ~ there are a lot of helpful links for you to explore!

HIPAA & Tech!

Here are some powerful allies to help you navigate HIPAA as well as other technology and privacy issues related to therapy.


Want support with your insurance and billing needs? From books to web resources, we’ve compiled them in one easy to find place.


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