A wealth of FREE resources at your fingertips!

Each of these websites offers a wealth of free information to help you get your practice up and running. From website to confidentiality, networking to SEO, you will find an incredible amount of information. These straight-talkers will save you from making your own expensive mistakes while giving you a lot of tools, so that you don’t have to reinvent the private practice wheel!


Get free private practice trainings from Kelly & Miranda of ZynnyMe.
They can help you to create a full practice by developing a business and marketing plan that supports the deep, meaningful work that you do with your clients.

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Private Practice from the Inside Out

Tamara G. Suttle started Private Practice from the Inside Out in 2003. It is a practice-building community of like-minded artists, health care professionals and entrepreneurs committed to discovering stories of possibility for your business!

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Therapist Leadership Institute

The International Therapist Leadership Institute website provides resources, seminars, events and networking opportunities— including practice building tips, strategies, videos and audios.

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The Counselor's Coach

This link will take you Mari Lee’s 15 Solid Private Practice Tips to Grow Your Business. You can also visit her Therapist Toolbox store for forms, workbooks and more.

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MYOB Counselor

A community that is creating private practice in ways that are purposeful, profitable and passionate.

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Get Down to Business Consulting

Cathy Hanville, LCSW, created a downloadable Private Practice Resource Guide “The Nuts & Bolts of Private Practice” for anyone who want to learn to market their services, improve their SEO and more.

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Private Practice Success with Lynn Grodzki

This link will take you directly to Lynn’s free presentations and then you can explore the rest of her site for books, resources, workshops and more to help you with your private practice.

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Fran Wickner, Ph.D, MFT

Fran Wickner offers a blog with ideas on keeping your practice full. She specializes in building an insurance-based practice. In addition, she regularly offers workshops, as well as a slew of downloadable private practice products to help you succeed.

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Selling The Couch

Melvin Varghese hosts a fantastic podcast and his website will connect you to all the resources he has tested and approved for website building and podcast creation.

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Worried that your online listing is getting lost on Page 33 of the leading therapist directories?

Being Seen is a therapist directory that ensures your practice will be seen by prospective full-fee and insurance based clients. Membership is limited to better promote your practice. All profits support our social justice initiative Open Path Psychotherapy Collective.


If you’re looking for tips on documentation or help with forms & templates, help is at hand.


Here are some powerful allies to help you navigate HIPAA as well as other technology and privacy issues related to therapy.


Want support with your insurance and billing needs? From books to web resources, we’ve compiled them in one easy to find place.


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