Radical Advice Show on September 05, 2017

Diversity Speaker

Radical Advice Radio Show

Conversations about race and systemic oppression can be sticky but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid them! Rajani was interviewed by Lily Sloane from the Radical Advice Radio show and they got into some sticky conversations, music and hidden treasure!

Therapist Clubhouse on September 04, 2017

Therapist Clubhouse

Therapist Clubhouse

Annie Schuessler recently interviewed Rajani for the Therapist Clubhouse Podcast. They covered a whole range of topics from how POC get funneled away from private practice to avoiding burnout, especially if you do intense trauma work.

Want more support for your business via audio and video? Here it is!

  • Podcast: My friend and colleague Allison Puryear of the Abundance Practice Building Podcast, asked me to help her in discussing what new therapists can do when the phone won’t ring even when you’re doing everything right. You can check that out here!
  • Video: Documentation Consultation with Dr. Maelisa Hall from QA Prep (Includes free documentation templates!)
  • Video: Creating a Meaningful Notes Template for Your Private Practice. (Scroll down to download notes template and to view interview with Dr. Maelisa Hall)
  • Video: Internship Tips Video Interview on Beginner Counselor
  • Video: How to Build a Successful Practice through Community not Competition (Scroll down to view video)
  • Video: Considering an MFT S-Corp (Scroll down to view video)
  • Podcast: Therapist Experience Podcast

Documentation Consultation: Case Consult Notes, Collaterals & Collaborations

In an interview with Dr. Maelisa Hall from QA Prep, she helped me to create two very helpful templates so I can document my case consults, as well as my collateral conversations. These are an important part of my documentation that I was always just a tad unsure how to document. And you can download the free templates here.

  1. A template for case consultations. I am an EMDR therapist and often consult with others about complex cases. Mealisa helped me create a template to document the essential information. Listen for the tip I provide that I learned from a prior supervisor.
  2. A template for collateral contacts. I also wanted an easy template to use for collaborating with other professionals on cases, professionals like prior therapists, psychiatrists and physicians. This one was fairly simple and really highlights how documentation can help us focus on what is most important.
  3. As always, Maelisa is warm, approachable, knowledgeable and very very helpful in all things documentation. So you will find yourself uplifted and motivated after this interview

Creating a Meaningful Notes Template for Private Practice

I was interviewed by Maelisa Hall of QAPrep.com on how I created a meaningful template for my private practice.

After watching the video, you can also download my current Notes Template.

Here are a few other videos that you might find helpful and will give you a taste for who I am and how I can support you in building your practice.

Road to Success Summit

How to Build a Successful Practice through Community, not Competition! Here is a 27 minute video that was featured in the Road to Success Summit.


Creating an MFT S-Corp

Here is a 25 minute video (created April 2016) with the basic steps I went through in creating an S-Corp.
Please note that this is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal or tax advice. Please consult qualified professionals who can assist you with the process.

October 2016: New Info thanks to my colleague Maryellen Mullin, MFT: If you file taxes as a single person, and are considering buying or refinancing your home, then please make sure to consult with a mortgage broker before you create an S-Corp as there are some important details that could affect your decision.

Levis Therapy MFT S Corp Webinar 04-19-2016 from Rajani Levis on Vimeo.


Using Therapy to Build Bridges Between Cultures

Click here for the Podcast Interview on The Therapist Experience Podcast:
Rajani Venkatraman Levis has mastered building a private practice that is unique to her, her history, background and cultural experiences.

By both understanding who she is and remaining unique to herself, Rajani has created a thriving practice that has helped individuals overcome trauma around the world

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

– The importance of understanding who you are as a therapist and staying true to that identity
– Why you need consistent messaging
– Why you should have been taught about space gynecologists in school

Best Marketing Move for Business

  • Throwing herself at all the things she loves with gusto

More audio & video coming soon… stay tuned!