About Rajani

Rajani Venkatraman Levis, MFT, PPS, CTS
Writer, Educator, Psychotherapist & Community Builder

  • Founder of Levis Therapy, A Marriage & Family Therapy Corporation
  • Licensed Marriage and Family therapist (LMFT 51494)
  • EMDRIA Approved Consultant in EMDR
  • Certified EMDR therapist.
  • Certified Trauma Specialist
  • CAMFT Certified Supervisor
  • Adjunct Lecturer at San Francisco State University
  • Winner of the 2015 CAMFT Educational Foundation Grant through which the daylong Business of Psychotherapy workshop was made possible
  • Regional coordinator for the San Francisco-South Bay EMDR Regional Network
  • Published on Huff Post, Psyched Magazine & the Therapist magazine
  • Winner of Psyched in San Francisco Editor’s Choice Award!

I’m here to support you in building an abundant private practice.

Together, we can help you design and manifest the private practice of your dreams through building community, not competition!

In her own words:

“Born and raised in India on a steady diet of eye-opening paradoxes, faith, Chai and conversations that seamlessly switch languages, I bring a richly multicultural perspective to my work as a therapist, counselor-educator, business owner and community builder.

I am a child of India whose professional identity has been shaped by a Western education. Almost two decades of cross-cultural experiences in living, studying and working on two continents have nurtured my flexibility, curiosity and creativity as a therapist.

I also believe that a dedicated mindfulness practice, as well as a thoughtful self-inquiry practice allow me to be a compassionate, authentic and nurturing presence in the lives of others. Nothing is more important to me than building community with others – and this website is one more for me to build community with YOU!


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