5 Steps To Rank Higher in the Search Engines

Before we dive into how to optimize our website to rank better on the search engines, let’s define SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is all the stuff you can do to your website to help your site get listed as high up on the first page of Google (or Bing or Yahoo!) as you can get it. SEO refers to how your site is ranked on Google WITHOUT you dishing out any money. When your prospective clients search for a therapist, in your area, when your business name comes up on the search results THAT’S what SEO is.

Although increasing your ranks in the search engine isn’t something that can happen overnight, knowing the right steps to take to get you there is essential for your success as a private practice owner.

5 Minute MagicStep 1: Clearly Define Who You Want to See and What, Exactly, You Want to Treat

In other words, define your ideal client. Figure out the demographics of your ideal client, their habits, wants and needs, what are their struggles, their pain points. Now, write your homepage copy as if you are speaking DIRECTLY to this person.


5 Minute MagicStep 2:  Implement Keywords Throughout Your Website

Now that you’ve written your home page copy, recognize strong words and phrases in your copy that you feel define and embody your ideal client. For example, say your ideal client is a woman aged 32 who had a miscarriage with her first child and is feeling extreme grief. You likely used words in your home page copy such as postpartum depression, grief, sadness, loss, baby, mother. These are your keywords and are the words that your ideal client is likely using in a search engine to find an outlet that can help her with her pain.

Once you’ve identified these keywords, use them generously throughout the rest of the copy on your website. By using these keywords throughout your site, you are sending signals to Google that your website is qualified to rank high for those certain keywords.

5 Minute MagicStep 3: WRITE, WRITE… and WRITE

The next thing you can do to improve your SEO is to write blog posts on topics related to your keywords. For example, if your ideal client is suffering from postpartum depression, you can write a blog post about what postpartum depression is and strategic steps to work through the feelings. Remember to sprinkle keywords throughout your blog posts as well!

5 Minute MagicStep 4: Add Location Keywords

This step is similar to step #2 in that you’ll be adding keywords to your content. This time, however, we’re talking about location keywords. Your ideal client is likely searching for a therapist that is near them, so you’ll want to make sure that you are mentioning your city name throughout the content on your site. For example, write a blog post about how the weather in your city (is it particularly rainy or sunny?) can affect one’s mood and well-being. This will send signals to Google (or any other search engine) that you are a therapist that works in whichever particular city you work in. Google will then begin to rank your website higher in search results when someone searches for a therapist in the city you work in.

5 Minute MagicStep 5: Backlinks

The final step you can take to help your search rankings is to get backlinks from other notable sites. What this means is another website, for example, Psychology Today, has a link to your website on their website. Since Psychology Today has great SEO, when they link back to your site, your SEO will be positively affected.

A good step to getting backlinks is writing guest blog posts on notable websites. See if you can write a guest blog post about your specialty for websites like Psychology Today, GoodTherapy, Health.com, Psychcentral and more.

By following these 5 steps…

You’ll be on your way to ranking higher in the search engines in no time! However, it is important to remember that SEO takes time and by continually updating your content with relevant keywords and providing fresh new blogs regularly, you’ll see great results in your SEO.

To your success!

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